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27 September 2009 @ 02:24 pm
Before the Beginning - Octavio Paz  

    A confusion of sounds, an uncertain clarity.
    Another day begins.
    It is a room, half-lit,
    and two bodies stretched out.
    In my head I am lost
    on a plain with no one.
    The hours sharpen their blades.
    But at my side, you are breathing;
    buried deep, and remote,
    you flow without moving.
    Unreachable as I think of you,
    touching you with my eyes,
    watching you with my hands.
    Dreams divide
    and blood unites us:
    we are a river of pulsebeats.
    Under your eyelids the seed
    of the sun ripens.
    The world
    is still not real;
    time wonders:
    all that is certain
    is the heat of your skin.
    In your breath I hear
    the tide of being,
    the forgotten syllable of the Beginning.

    Octavio Paz